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Welcome to Luv Blue Healing

"Embrace who you truly are, and begin to live your purpose."

- Luv Blue

Luv Blue Healing, is the sacred space, birthed in 2020, as an answer to a call to step into my healership, and to begin the process of true alchemy and transformation of my own self. As I continue to align with my truth, as I allow myself to simply be, me, I find myself compelled to share whatever gems I acquire along my way. Luv Blue Healing allows you to connect with your divine self in the most intimate of ways. It is a space in which, you can give yourself full permission to fully receive the healing available to you for all parts of you.

My approach to healing is intuitive and holistic, focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit. I have studied many modalities in the healing arts, and have developed a daily spiritual practice that has helped me to develop myself, and as a result, develop my natural healing and intuitive abilities. The medicine I offer gets to the core of cause of an issue or illness, that when once released and tended to,  brings about lasting transformation of your health and life experience. I also, offer intuitive readings that provide truth and clarity, helping you navigate life with more confidence and ease.


The ultimate goal of Luv Blue Healing is to cultivate and nurture the seed of your soul, in a way that honors your unique soul journey and your unique contribution to this world. Every offering shared, is imbued with this intention.  

So, I invite you to take this journey of self discovery, to let go of whatever was, in favor of the greatness awaiting you. I encourage you to love and be loved, and to integrate all the parts of you, to come into the awareness and wholeness of your being. This is the journey I have been on for years, healing from the inside out. It is ever evolving. We are ever expanding, and I am truly grateful for the ride, honored to share what I learn along the way. Thank you for your dedication to learning, loving, and coming home to your truth.


Luv 💙

My Training & Teachers

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