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This energy enhanced intention spray, is made in love to aid you in releasing blockages, freeing you to love and live more expansively. A great addition to include in any stage of your healing journey. This tool can be incorporated into your daily self-love practice as a way of rooting yourself in your Divine truth. You can even use it to shift the energy in a space, similar to smudging. Use the mantra provided or any mantra of your choosing and begin to observe the shift within and without. Enjoy!

Luv Mist

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Holy Water, Unconditional Love Essence (Organic Grapeseed Oil with a blend of organic dried herbs and florals), Organic Mandarin Orange Oil, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Cardamon Seed Oil, Organic Sandalwood Oil, Organic Ylang Ylang Oil, Organic Vetiver Oil, Organic Jazmine Absolute Oil, Organic Geranium Oil, Organic Rose Absolute Oil, Organic Pachouli Oil, Love

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