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Peace Within, Peace Without

Weekly Tarot Inspirations with Luv

Our experience within us determines our experience in life, it determines how we perceive and respond to our lives.

This is a week that brings about truth, plenty of unexpected shifts, that cultivate an awareness within ourselves, and our world. We are presented with the emotions we make wrong and stuff down, the people we make wrong, how we truly feel about ourselves. And the gift is once we see, we get to witness and be witnessed. We get to alchemize what need be alchemized and release what is ready to be released in absolute love and gratitude for our growth and the catalyst for our growth.

Peace Within, Peace Without

There is a message here of not being able to hide in the shadows, or refusing to see how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, contribute to the whole. Perhaps this week we begin to see how we perpetuate separateness and fear within ourselves, our lives, and by doing so, we begin to own the part we play in our life stories and in that of the whole. We begin to glimpse our true power as we allow love to be our guiding principle.

How to Find And Maintain your Peace...

With so much chaos that happens in the world and within our own personal sagas, peace can seem like an idealistic concept at best but, it is possible to find it within you and get back at any time.

I find grounding to be an important practice that helps us to center, and feel more connected with ourselves and with Mama Gaia as we continue to experience such rapid transformation on this planet. For more insight into grounding and tools to support your peace and centeredness, click here.

If you are interested in a personal tarot reading click here.


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Luv 💙

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