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The Animal & The Intrinsic Self

Weekly Tarot Inspirations

A time to connect to the wisdom of the body, the animal, the intrinsic self, and to find ways to play and express joy.

So, when I connect to the collective energy for this week, I was first shown a door. I was in this room and I was shown a door. And so, I opened the door and there was all this light. I stepped through this door and I was barefeet in this gorgeous, huge, looked like a meadow or a field. And to the right of me there were all these these flowers, and I was smelling the flowers and admiring their beauty and I could feel the coolness and softness of the grass beneath my feet. And it was such a gorgeous sunny day. The pace just seemed right, like I was enjoying my every breath in this space. Then I heard the word joy and when I looked over to my left there was a person standing there. I kept being drawn to this person's hands. Their hands looked like they were hands that had really known work, a lot of hard work, hands that just knew, and I don't know any other way to express that but that's just what I got from that.

I noticed this person moving their hands in a way that was indicative of worry, the mind racing, worrying, and all these things. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere this energy just hits this person and they start expressing all this joy and excitement. And they start to run, and I start to follow them down this hill running and flipping, and I'm like, "Wow, that's something!" Then I notice there are all these other people and they're grown, dressed in loose fitted clothes. It was quite the site. Then I noticed the began to turn gray and the scene changed and those same people, all of a sudden had on suites and ties, blouses, and pencil skirts. And all of sudden it was "back to life, back to reality." I saw them on their cell phones, everybody was on their cell phones, paying attention to that so preoccupied with the to do list, and all of the things, all of the things. Then my focused, my attention was drawn to this one guy on his cell phone. Day turned into night and most people went to sleep. And I saw him in his room sleeping then he woke up, it was as if he couldn't stop his mind from racing ,and he was on his phone, checking his emails, instagram feed, TicToc, his mind was so preoccupied. And so I said okay...

Then I pulled the card for the week, and the card that came out for the collective was the animal. And I thought this was really interesting because of the way the card looks. There is this eye in the center of the card that's blue. Then around it, it's essentially black and white, there are a whole bunch of vines and flowers. And said well there are the flowers. The animal represents the pure instinct, the getting out of the head and into the body. And that require movement, that requires us to allow ourselves to experience joy, experience play, experience movement, unbridled sensuality. Of course all of these things in healthy forms of expression, whatever that means for you. It does mean honoring that aspect of ourselves that is coming to the forefront that is raw and real, and tuned in and tapped into the body's wisdom, our wisdom.

And I think it's interesting because on the 29th we have Aries. It's an Aries full moon and Aries is all about the self, it is all about that raw, real expression of the self, the vitality, the passion. And I think this archetype is coming to the surface ton show us that these are some of the things that may be surfacing right, the passion, and maybe passion looks like anger, and rage, I mean there are so many way that this may manifest in your reaity. But the bigger thing here is to, when these things come up, in our relationships, when these things come up, this passion, or rage, or lust, whatever it is finding the ways to channel that energy into ways that are beneficial for ourselves and for the people around us. And a big part of that has to do with us moving our bodies and honoring the wisdom that is there for us in this moment. Honoring the truth that wants to surface around whatever that unbridled expression comes out as. Pay attention to this, this week. I feel that is brings clarity. I get the sense that this is something that brings clarity. Look for ways within your days this week where you can invite more pay and movement to gain whatever clarity you need for your process and your progress.

This is the message for the week. May you be filled with divine peace.


Luv 💙

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