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Open Hearts Bring New Direction

Weekly Tarot Inspirations

A time to open our hearts and minds to a new direction and experience the blessings of our lives.

This week there is a lot coming to the surface from the heart to be reseen, to be reclaimed in a higher way. There is an opportunity to resee what we considered to be our misfortune, our shortcomings, our mistakes, the fear in the form of judgement and lack, in whatever forms we perceive these things to be. And begin to shift our focus to collect all the gems these experiences have left us.

This does not mean we deny what has been, it does not mean we stuff our feelings down, nor do we judge them. Instead, we are beginning to become the witness. We are beginning to give ourselves the patience and grace that we are needing to become the witness, to release what lingers in the shadows. We are beginning to hold space for ourselves and be in integrity with ourselves.

We often have so many ideas and expectations of ourselves and others that when are not met we feel discouraged, resentful, impatient, and plenty of other things. But, what if we began to see time as our friend? What if that frustration and impatience we've been feeling is allowing us to see how passionate we actually are about something? What if it is shinning light on a fear we've held about not doing what we cam to this earth to do? How would things change for us if we got into our bones that every single experience was working for us? And all those things that weren't were the catalyst for change we needed

There is a sudden energy of inspiration happening this week in the collective. For some this comes in the form of a person, someone you meet that ends up saying that thing that sparks and idea in you or reignites a passion. For others this inspiration may come in a dream or seemingly out of thin air while your sitting in front of your laptop. Pay attention to your intuition, for some you may notice your intuition is expanding, giving you a greater understanding of how you receive insight. Play with it, see where it takes you. However it comes, this energy is fast moving, perhaps for some helping to take you to the next phase in your creation process. For many I sense, is getting really excited about this offering you have, this different experience of yourself. Virgo helped us to get honest with ourselves about the offering, it helped us bring structure and organization to where there was none, and hopefully a bit more compassion for ourselves and others in this process.

This is the message for the week. May you be filled with divine peace.


Luv 💙

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