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What are You Centered In?

When I connect with the collective energy this week, a question pops into my head, "Where are you spending or expending your energy?" I get the sense that some have been feeling like they have been spinning in circles. But where are you leaking energy? What are some things that need to be cleaned up? As we continue to explore the relationship with ourselves and with others, these are some things to perhaps ponder. Especially with this energy of eclipse season coming into play and we just had the super moon, the last of the year in Aries, which was some big energy .... so much passion.

There is this energy of looking, searching, circling back. I say this often, to most everyone I work with, GROUNDING, is so important for us to connect to ourselves, to connect with that feeling of stability, the feeling of our feet being supported, the feeling that there is a ground underneath us especially as we continue to awaken at such a rapid pace.

The card that comes up for the week is Agape and underneath the deck is The Thread. What are you connected to, tethered to? What is your idea of groundedness? What are you centered in? Perhaps the message here is to connect to that part of you that is Agape, that is your soul, to be centered in Agape. And once here, you gain clarity of the direction your soul is leading and you begin letting go of the resistance to what you don't know. Here, in Agape, in Unconditional Love you let go of the search and the circe because you begin to hear and follow the call of your heart, your soul, your truth.

So, where can I invite Agape into my experience. When I observe myself judging myself, taking an extra critical eye, when I observe frustration rising in me, and things don't seem to be coming together in the way that I want? When these emotions, this passion begins welling up, and I want to direct it at everyone outside of me, "they did this and bah bah bah..." Where can I invite this Agape...this unconditional love that says, "I see you and accept you for who and what you are. I'm not here to change you. I am just going to breath in, be in the love that is here for me, that is me, that is you. And that's what I am going to let it be. I am going to let that light my way without attaching anything to it. I'm just going to practice this being love."

This does not mean I don't feel upset, or any other emotions, or that I take a beating, it simply means, I get to experience things from a different perspective. And get to not take things so personal because I am in the being, I am in Love. I'm not searching for it, I know that is not outside of me. There is no need to grasp, I just allow.

This is to me, speaking to the growth within the collective for so many of us. Virgo came in, helped us to get our houses in order, helped us care for our health and self in the ways we needed, it even influenced some of us to perform acts of services. Then Libra season comes and continues this evolution of truth, weighing the scales and coming into balance with self and other. We begin to perhaps act on that which we perceive to be in or out of balance in our own experience and that of the collective. How can we just bring more love to ourselves, to every situation, every person.

For some of you, there are a lot of gatherings taking place. I get the sense that this month will bring more opportunities to connect with your tribe, your communities, a lot of social time. This is all about relationships, deeper connections and commitments in relationships. The stranger that was never a stranger at all... Enjoy yourselves, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Joy and laugher is one of the greatest gifts we have. Allow yourself to have this beautiful experience of life, to celebrate it, to feel each breath as Agape, to know it is in every portion of your being and not outside of you, it is you. See if you can just allow yourself to let go of all the things you think make you feel you are not Love and play around with the idea that you are Agape, that every atom that composes your being is Agape. See what happens, play. I know I am!

This is the message for the week. Thank you for taking the time to check out my content. May you be filled with divine peace. Blessings, Luv 💙

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