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Kim Krans|The Venom|Poison Or Medicine

The Venom from Kim Krans Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

In meditation today, I asked the question, "What wisdom best serves the collective in this moment?" After asking, I went about the typical process of relaxation yet, my mind and body decided against that. There was this feeling of agitation, impatience, and doubt that rose up, then I reached for Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck, and shuffled away, asking for one card, I received 3. Then, I proceeded to shuffle again because I did not want to tackle the bigness, the depth, of the 3 cards that came. The result was 2 cards, however, 2 was not 1. So, I shuffled again, and I got my 1 card, Venom, I thought of a situation I had just experienced and began to understand how the depth could not be avoided.

I began to think, "how many times have I asked for an answer and received that answer right away but, did not accept it because it was too much to face or because I was so preoccupied with things going the way I expected and desired that I missed all the goodness along the way?" We seem to get so caught up on manifesting this exact job, or house, or even relationship that we actually limit the goodness Divine has to offer. Often, we resist even the notion that true beauty lie wait inside the deepest, darkest, most shamed parts of us we call shadow.

Perhaps the venom speaks to this part of us. The part of us that reacts so quickly and sharply to that which it feels threatened by. The part of us that is most sensitive without the slightest touch. We usually use our venom to hurt or wound another more than, or even before they have an opportunity to do the same. And it doesn't just show up in our words, it shows up in our thoughts, our actions and usually comes from a place of fear, but, perhaps the venom is an archetype that when embraced, when integrated, becomes the truth revealed that liberates us. I feel this energy is here to help us transform the narratives we have created around what is right and wrong within us and within those around us. It, if allowed, illuminates the fears, the walls we've built that keep us from our own selves, allowing us to stand in our power, to know our truth, and therefore, not be as reactive to the fear of another.

We have a choice when this archetype, this energy arises. We can choose to allow the venom to be our poison or our medicine. We always have and always will have the power to choose.


Luv Blue


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