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The Eternal Child

Today's tarot inspiration for the collective, The Eternal Child. When I look at this card it stimulates many things. there is color here, there are also a child's hands in black and white. There is this feeling of curiosity, there is this ongoing theme of play, of enjoyment, but there is something else here that we as a collective have the opportunity to look at. Especially with Pisces, the full moon, actually, the super full moon happening tomorrow, at least according to my time in Los Angeles.

This eternal child is taking in the world from this space of innocence and wonder and allowing itself to play in the imaginal realms. And that is a gift. We don't typically, as we grow into adults, remember play, and I think we forget about the imagination and how crucial of a role it plays in our existence. We talk about manifestation all the time and the imagination is a huge part of it, for ourselves, for our collective.

And sometimes, the eternal child, the inner child, there is a recognition within ourselves of when it is time to play, when it's time to allow ourselves to let loose and imagine, an when it's time to turn that play and imagination into something that is tangible. Maybe that means just writing down your imaginings and not really having to stress about how it happens or how it comes forth, but just allowing yourself to play in the space of creation and just to be free with it. There something really beautiful about allowing yourself to be in that space.

There is another message here about how sometimes the child, no matter what, there is something that the child is desiring that it feels is not being fulfilled. If we notice ourselves straying away from responsibilities, our daily tasks, things

that we know we need to do just to maintain and sustain, because maybe the inner child is just running the show and there is not balance here. Maybe there is an opportunity for us to really sit with ourselves, and with the eternal child and just gauge what phase it's in. Is it running the show? Is it in balance? Do I need to play more? Do I need to parent and perhaps add some boundaries, whatever that looks like?

Escapism, which ironically enough is a Piscean theme. When we think about Pisces we think about escapism. And it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it's a necessary thing. And sometimes that same thing that we need to be in balance and experience more joy and wonder and all of those things can turn into something that takes us away, has us enter additions of some kind, whether that is food or substances. Everything is different qualities that we perceive as shadow and light. Shadow is light, it is just a matter of our perception and our state of being. So, the overwhelming message here is, tend to your eternal child. Ask your eternal child what is is needing and have fun with this entire process.


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