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Is Solitude My Gift?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week's energy is a bit different. I usually tune into the collective and just draw one card for the tarot for the inspiration for the week, but this week I was guided to read three. Two cards came out and I was guided to see what was underneath the deck so, I'm including that. And it was interesting because I was getting these visuals, this feeling of being stuck, there was this tar, something really sticky and stretchy beneath my feet that wasn't allowing me to move in the ways I wanted to move. And I was like well, I know Venus is out of retrograde, that it just went direct. What got from that is that there is still alot of movement that wants to happen.

I got the cards the Pilgrim, reversed, Gnosis, and underneath the deck was the Desert okak. And I do factor the position and movement of the cards as they come out. What was resounding here was this feeling of being bound, feeling boxed in, like there is some place to be, some place to go to find the truth. To find something that you've been looking for, whatever that is, some deep seeded knowing of the self, a feeling of stuckness, of not being able to get there, because of labels, or boxes, or finances. There is something in our experience that is not allowing us to enter into that space of exploration. And I am getting the feeling that it is something that is not very physical, instead I am getting the impression that alot of it has to do with the stories we tell ourselves, the beliefs we have around what our limitations, what those are, what our expectations are of what this call is drawing us to. I'll give you an example, if you feel called to go to the ocean and the story that comes up, the story is, "But what about gas money? How far away is it? I don’t have time for that. How do I make time for that?" Instead of all of those stories, just sit with yourself and imaging yourself at the ocean and ask yourself, what wisdom, what medicine is here for me? Then allow yourself to get swept up in your imaginary day at the beach, and trust that you are receiving everything you need without having to be physically in the space.

What beliefs are surfacing around what is possible for me to experience? Because, if they surface, they are ready, it is ready to be released because Gnosis, is the center, the core, the isness of us, the beginning, the Omega, that is Gnosis. This is some big energy beginning to surface this week so we can have a higher vision, a higher perspective, so we get unstuck in our minds. Because it's is here, in our minds, that all our creation begins. I am also working through these things, allowing myself to go on this ride, recognizing my resistance along the way and it's quite a ride.

And again, I have to bring back home to this, underneath the deck we have the Dessert. It's funny, this card popped up in a reading I did a week ago, actually, it was a little less than a week ago, and I shuffled this deck three times plus some, and laughed to myself, cause I was like, "if this card ends up coming out again I will be too through." Well, it did, so, what is happening beneath the surface? This feeling, belief, this energy of loneliness, of not feeling supported, of reaching out a hand and not having the support you feel you've needed, not having the partner you fell you deserve, of feeling tired and depleted of your energy to make things happen. What are you attached to? Is it a relationship? Is it your idea of what the relationship should be? What does the desert represent for you.

You know, whenI look at the desert see it as being a very healing place, I experience it as being a very healing place. There is beauty there, there is beauty in plushness, but there is also alot of beauty offered in the desert. It is a very spiritual place and if you haven't taken a trip there, I encourage you to do so, even if it is in your mind. Because there is an opportunity in what we perceive as loneliness to really get close to and intimate with ourselves. We really get to discern the voice of truth verse fiction, truth verse falsehood. There are some so many thoughts we have throughout our days and we think they are all ours. We don't realize who we are and how we pick up on other people's thoughts and wishes, and there are other beings, other entities, that are in this experience with us. And we're picking up on all of those signals, all of these signals. So, being in that space of the desert offers you the opportunity to take the pilgrimage within. Perhaps it's time to look at the reasons why you may be wanting to retreat at this point, what you're seeking? Is it something that is already there within you?

Ahh, the journey! So that is the message for this week! I send you blessings.

Take Care,

Luv 💙

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